Monday, June 26, 2006

Sabah is not a safe place for genuine Sabahans anymore

Yesterday I read the news in local Sandakan newspaper, claiming that Sabahans for which the genuine Sabahans vs foreigners (who have Malaysian ICs) are 1.5mil : 1.75mil in numbers of people. Which I am not very surprised. Ask anyone, just visit the Sandakan town itself, you would see these foreigners selling plastic bags and cigarettes along the streets. Some of them even learn to speak your language and study in your school. I have also heard some of them have gained the MyKads, passports, lands and saham in bumiputra's names. This is already a common scene for the locals, claiming that these foreigners are fiercer than them, creating social problems, especially the foreign children. The Sandakan town already is their town, the local Sandakanian won't go to the town unless buying fresh seafood! I cannot foresee how this going to be like in Sandakan in 10, 20 years time.

From Lim Kit Siang Blog Archive:
"...As reported in the local Sabah press today, former
Senator Dr. Chong Eng Leong in his submission to the Parliamentary Select
Committee on integrity at the Sabah State Assembly yesterday, alleged that the
extraordinary population increase in
Sabah was caused by the deliberate issuance of Malaysian ICs to
foreigners based on false Statutory Declarations under “Project IC” or “Project

As a result, there are today around 1.75
million foreigners in Sabah, including those in possession of the Project
Mahathir ICs, as compared to 1.5 million genuine locals in Sabah.

Dr. Chong said he was talking about
hundreds of thousands of false ICs already in the hands of foreigners who are
proclaiming themselves not only Malaysians but Bumiputras having all the
privileges and rights of Customary Native Rights in

He disclosed that in the 1999 certified
electoral rolls, through the new IC numbers, it was revealed that there were
150,000 Sabah-born registered voters who were born in 1952 through 1960 but
according to the Sabah Statistics Department, the State’s population in 1951
was 334,141 and in 1960, 454,421, an increase of 120,000.

He estimated that with 80 per cent
registered as voters, there would only be about 100,000 Sabah-born voters for
this period – which would mean that about one-third of voters allegedly born in
Sabah in
1952-1960 were foreigners with ICs issued fraudulently with the use of
falsified Sijil Akuan under the Project Mahathir False I/Cs.

Read more in Voice of Sarawak, Sangkancil, Investigate Mahathir's 'new citizens' - Malaysiakini, Politician fears 'reverse takeover' of Sabah, 'Extraordinary' population increase in Sabah.

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Monday, June 12, 2006

Korean Drama: A Love To Kill

I bought the drama VCD set last sunday and managed to watch it all. Starred by Rain and Sin Min-Ah. I like Rain so I bought the set.

This is my findings after watching the drama:
  1. Rain is great with all his rugged features. Handsome like a devil and a boxer! He played his boxer role quite good, I don't know whether those punches and kicks are real boxers stunts or not, but looks amazing.
  2. He portrays Kang Bok-Gu, an orphan, boxer, bodyguard to Cha Eun-Suk (Sin Min-Ah's role). Bok-Gu becomes her bodyguard to avenge his brother, who falls off the building and brain dead. He thinks his brother's fall is Eun-Suk's fault. He tries every way to sip inside Eun-Sok's life, become close to her and finally falls in love with her.
  3. This is the first time I know about
    Sin Min-Ah. She is quite pretty, I like her smiles, very sweet.
  4. She portrays Cha Eun-Suk, a rising star. She has always thought she loves Bok-Gu's elder brother. When the bodyguard comes into her life, she falls madly in love with him. But life is not easy, she becomes engaged to a rich businessman who she doesn't love.
  5. At the end of the drama, I have so many good expectation from the scenes, thinking that these two love birds will be together. Although Bok-Gu and Eun-Suk are holding each other closely together at the end of the scene, whispering love words, but they die freezing in the cold.
Overall, storyline is OK, all about love between the couple, but fate has break them apart. You can buy the VCD to enjoy Rain's boxer look and Sin Min-Ah sophisticated look in gowns.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The name "Danenia" reaches Rank 1 in search society

This was happening yesterday. I typed my name "danenia" in Google, trying to find out which goddess it refers to, and I found out my social bookmark tool - danenia's BlinkList has reached Rank 1 in Google, Yahoo, AlltheWeb, MSN Search, Lycos, and Altavista. Even my new blog Blogging Danenia also reaches Rank 1 in Feedster.

I remember I pick the name danenia years ago as my nickname because of some mythology I like, such as the greek gods. I can't remember which god I refer to. Before that, I have always used the name nemesis.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Society: Danenia's Blinklist

This is my personal social bookmarking tool. I collected some weblinks on my society. Visit danenia's BlinkList page on Blinklist.

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Movies : X-Men: The Last Stand

I have always like X-Men movies. After the previous 2 movies, I decided to watch this new 3rd instalment.

The movie is OK. If I were to suggest to friends, you can go if you are a fan, but if decide not to go, won't be a miss too. Because Dr Jean died at the final, Dr X died too. At last scene, only left Wolverine and Storm. Storm will be the principal for the school. I have never read the comic before, but I am very interested with Dr Jean. When in the 2nd episode Dr Jean died, I am totally disappointed. Fortunately in this 3rd episode, Dr Jean revived, but become a double personality: Dr Jean the good; Phoenix the evil. They didn't do anything special on Phoenix. Not much extraordinary visual effects, storyline just plain simple. From several trailers I watched, I thought there will be something special about the two new characters: Angel and Beast. They didn't play much role in the movie, just appearing there, didn't play any special actions. Slightly dissapointed. Angel is beautiful here.

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[ICT Glossary] - FAQ

1. What is ICT Glossary?

This is a simple glossary about ICT terms for Malaysian
students who are taking their SPM.